Wed, 11 Aug | Saint-Petersburg

Exposed aggregate concrete: creating entrance areas, stairs, sidewalks +BONUS: GFRC hand pressed technique

Course duration: 2 days. Course cost: $700 Training is conducted by: a group of speakers. Project: washed concrete-main entrance porch and stamped concrete-parking space.
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Exposed aggregate concrete: creating entrance areas, stairs, sidewalks +BONUS: GFRC hand pressed technique

Time and place

11 Aug, 11:00 – 12 Aug, 18:00
Saint-Petersburg, ул. Швецова, 23Б, Санкт-Петербург, Россия, 193000

About the event

About technologies:

Exposed aggregate concrete is easy and quick to lay and can significantly save time and labor on paving compared to traditional stone or tile floors. Exposed aggregate concrete floor does not require a structural screed. After the base is prepared, you can pour the concrete mortar into the formwork.

Exposed aggregate concrete provide excellent personalization. You can choose from an almost infinite range of colors, gradations, and effects to make a truly unique decorative surface.

+ BONUS: the author's technique for creating ultra-strong and lightweight concrete products in the glass-fiber concrete hand-pressed technique, thanks to which you can imitate the texture of travertine / bark beetle/create a unique pattern on the surface of a concrete product.

Areas of application of washed concrete:

- ideal solution for roads, squares, bike paths, sidewalks, pedestrian areas, porticos, ramps for garages, hotels, campsites and amusement parks.

Areas of application of fiberglass concrete:

- facade panels, outdoor furniture, interior tables/countertops/sinks, small architectural forms and much more

The practical part of the course includes:

  • Base preparation
  • Pouring of concrete mix and leveling
  • Seeding technique 
  • Work with deactivators
  • Wash off technique
  • Application of protective coatings
  • Moulds preparation 
  • Mix designs for the face and reinforcing back layer
  • Calculation of components, selection of materials
  • Hand pressed technique and mould assembly techniques
  • Demoulding and finishing products

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