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Winter 2021

In January 2021 school of good-looking concrete continued to arrange educational workshops dedicated to good-looking concrete production for the first time held in Lebanon - one of the few places on earth that they say: "history begins here."

1) Exposed aggregate concrete: street furniture +Silicone and PU mold-making training 2 -days course

2) GFRC interior and exterior projects 2 -days course

3) Stamped concrete in pathways and driveways 2-days course

About the site

We devoted a significant part of 2020 to the opening of the first branch of the concrete school in Lebanon. In this incredible beauty and colorful country, like in no other, they know a lot about good design and production of architectural concrete. It is not for nothing that Lebanon is called the "Paris of the Middle East" for its exquisite architecture and love to the world trends.

Together with our friends from Objet Beton Lebanon, we prepared exciting programs for the guests of the concrete school, and also took care of the place of classes, making it as comfortable, equipped and as interesting as possible.

The venue is located 30 minutes from the center of Beirut, in the Chemlen area, surrounded by the Mont-Lebanon Mountains, with stunning views to the Mediterranean Sea. The latest equipment is available for spraying, mixing and efficient work with concrete.

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Master classes:

The programs were full of practical trials of various technologies, where each of the participants was able to master all the stages of the process with their own hands in the best traditions of the school of concrete. The participants of the master classes are owners and technologists of enterprises and workshops from different countries, so the training is held in three languages: Russian, English and Arabic.


An important advantage of traveling to Lebanon is that there is no need to apply for a visa for most of the tourists. For Russians to visit Lebanon, a visa is opened immediately upon arrival at the country's airport.

Accommodation and transfer

Lebanon is a very compact country, which in the total length from West to East is only 50 km. Therefore, the trip from the airport to the venue of the master classes, in the absence of traffic jams, takes not more than 20 minutes. Transfer is provided free of charge upon request.


Lebanon is the tourist mecca of the Middle East, where at the tiny strip of land, stretching less than 200 km from north to south, concentrated a myriad of treasures of world culture and history. Therefore, the hotel and tourist service is very well developed and offers a wide range of accommodation options, from any of which is close to the concrete school.

Archive of past events of the concrete school

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autumn weekend 2020

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